Video presentation – Claiming Google Authorship

google authorship

Google Authorship is ability to link your written content on your website to your Google+ profile.  In the long term, this is part of Google’s strategy that will eventually allow them to improve the search results by including the author popularity in their ranking algorithm.  In the short term, it provides you with the opportunity […]

Boost your website performance with Google Webmaster Tools


Is your website connected to Google Webmaster Tools? If it is not, I suggest you do it today. Google Webmaster Tools are a set of free tools provided by Google. Google is the king of all search engines, so why not use the tools they provide to make your website instantly more searchable? Google’s Webmaster […]

Video Presentation: – What is Local Search Optimization and why you should care

Local Internet Markeing

Imagine, it’s Friday afternoon, you came back from work only to find out that your kitchen sink is blocked. You need a plumber. Where do you find one? If you are like me, you go to the Internet. You open your computer, and you type ‘plumber’ into the Google search box. Let’s take a look […]

Listing your local business on Yelp

yelp listing

If you are a local business, it seems like it won’t be hard for you to get customers after all. Thanks to ‘user powered’ sites like Yelp. With over 80 million visitors every single month and growing fast, Yelp helps people share their thoughts on local businesses such as restaurants, shops and more. Bottom line, […]

Why your local business should be on Google+

Google Plus Businesses

Google+ (Formerly known as Google Places) for business was launched after careful market research and planning by the mad scientists at Google. It was in direct response to compete with Facebook and especially Facebook Pages. When these two giants butt heads, the little guys always win. Now with local search becoming more popular (As less […]

Understanding your online market

The following are 3 parts of a keynote speech I have given in the eWomenNetwork luncheon in Coquitlam, BC in November 2011. Hope you will enjoy and feel free to contact me if you need help with understanding you market.     The full transcript: I am really excited to be here. You should probably know that […]